Celebration of Black Beauty: A Photobook Showcasing the Beauty of Black Women

Over the past few years, I have seen a surge in Black-oriented movements that embody political, cultural, and social issues. These movements, stemming in large part from a rise in social media messaging and the viral nature of such, have aimed at giving Black people in the U.S., and globally, a voice, which has for far too long been silenced. I am so heartened by this, and yet, I still see a core voice and face that remains underrepresented: Black women. My project, a photo book exploring the beauty of everyday Black women, is my contribution to filling this void. My book is a photographic exploration of Black women done through a series of photographs that I have taken of Black women of all ages, stages and backgrounds.

In my travels all over the world, and now living as an expat in Belgrade, Serbia, I embody a representation of a Black woman to many whom have never seen someone like me in person. I wanted to create something that is both affirming to fellow Black women, but that is also a visual representation of “average” (but by no means ordinary) Black women that extends beyond a few celebrities that come to mind. Conversely, and more perniciously, there are also negative associations with Black women that I wanted to dispel through this book by showing that we are just like everyone else. Our experiences are tied into the human experience as a whole, and that will be shown through the variety of emotions embodied in the book pages.

From joy to heavy contemplation; we are one, and it is important that my first photography book highlight those who’ve toiled with too little regard for so many years.

"This is a celebration of us.”

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