Model Feature: Tijana Savić

I loved working with this amazingly stylish and beautiful model! I was so impressed with her natural body movements and her ability to channel each emotion we needed for this set! Learn more about Tijana below! (Feature interview for Surreal Magazine). 

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SM: How old were you when you were introduced to the Modeling Industry?

TS: My introduction to the modeling world came when I was for years old it was a runway show for kids in Belgrade, Serbia. I was really little; in addition to that, I was really shy. I took a break for about a decade, then some years later, I started doing it again and didn’t have any stage fright. I like being in front of the camera.

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SM: What are some of your greatest strengths and weakness in modeling?

TS: I don’t have big uncertainties. I’m just positively nervous doing some interesting or unusual photo shoots. I’m confident in myself and in my qualities. I know my body and my face, and I know how to work my angles. I always try my best to make sure the photographers get what they want. So far, I’m growing well acquainted with the industry, and I’m learning from experienced models and photographers.

SM: Who were your inspirations growing up and can you tell us how they influenced you?

TS: My idol since I was a child is definitely Adriana Lima. I admire her from the beginning of her career she always stayed true to herself, always natural and unique. She’s always exuded confidence and appears to be a strong, independent, and successful woman. Those are the features that every woman should strive to have. She is a true example that hard work pays off. She’s simply the queen of modeling in my opinion.

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SM: What are your general professional and non-professional interests?

TS: I’m currently still finishing school, but since I was a little girl, besides modeling I was attracted to design. My friends have constantly praised me that I have a sense for fashion and design, so if I do not succeed in the world of modeling, at least I know that I will have a career in the world of design.

SM: Your favorite thing to do to rewind and relax after a long day?

TS: After a busy day, whether at school or work, I enjoy reading books. Quality books relax me. So I spend most of my time reading books. I also like to sleep very much.


SM: What are some must-have’s that everyone should have in their closet?

TS: Given that I love elegant, simple and formal style, my opinion is that every woman in her closet must have at least one good black dress that can be used for any occasion. Then add red lipstick and pumps and there is no better combination.TS: After a busy day, whether at school or work, I enjoy reading books. Quality books relax me. So I spend most of my time reading books. I also like to sleep very much.


SM: Something about you that many may not know?

TS: Well, an interesting thing that I believe people rarely know about me is that I was the best at mathematics in elementary school. I went to many competitions and I won several awards.


Photographer: Brenda Nasr / MUAH & Model: Tijana Savić / Assistant: Marija Mitrovic 

Brenda Nasr